International conference on Electric Vehicle and Energy storage (GENDISTRANSCON 2021) 30 views

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The Institution of Green Engineers (IGEN), connecting green professionals across the globe, working towards SDG and to provide solution to sustainable greener world through 9colour nonagon VIBBGGYOR society. The IGEN is currently working towards the programs below, to support green environment.

About The Conference

2nd International Conference GENDISTRANSCON 2021 is organized by IGEN During 27-28th November 2021.It provides unique opportunity to bring together academicians, researchers, scientists and research scholars to share and exchange ideas and practical solutions towards achievement of intelligent sustainable systems for a more sustainable future.

1. Pitch Presentation

To bring out the problems and/or innovations and/or ideas on renewable energy, energy storage and electric vehicles towards the Sustainability Development.

Norms & conditions

  • The contest is open to students, young engineers, researchers and industry
  • The applicant must provide the poster & 1 mins video and selected applicant will be intimated after for scrutiny process
  • The poster should have 1.Hook [question or a statement that introduces the topic and its importance],
  • Introduction [who you are (name, major), who you worked with (faculty or mentor(s) grad students other undergrads etc.), in what capacity you did this work (course fellowship internship etc.)], 3.Set-Up/Question [why your issue is important and how your research or idea fits a need]
  • During the event, maximum of 1 minutes will given for each applicant for presentations
  • The Organizing Committee may, at its sole discretion, on rules of the Competition (“Rules”)
  • Decisions of the Organizing Committee shall be final and are not subject to any form of appeal
  • Participation e-certificate will be provided on registration

2. Patent Presentation

To bring out and share the knowledge on globally published patents towards the Sustainability Development and Growth SDG. Also, to encourage the young minds, researchers and innovators to reach further heights for the betterment of future generation, environment and society.

Norms & conditions

  • The competition is open to all students/inventors who are enrolled for the conference; Published patents may be from any country on Sustainability Development and Growth, UN SDG.
  • The patent registration number web links issued by the respective patent agency is must while enrolling.
  • The inventors must present their published patented ideas in the conference after the rigorous scrutiny process.
  • A team consists of a minimum of two members and a maximum of four members, represented by a team coach or administrator
  • The Organizing Committee may, at its sole discretion, on rules of the Competition (“Rules”).
  • Maximum of 5 minutes for presentations including Q&A.
  • Decisions of the Organizing Committee shall be final and are not subject to any form of appeal.
  • Participation e-certificate will be provided on registration.

3. Research Meet

To bring all the EV research under one roof to have cumulative outcome and bring out solutions to future needs in EV sector and to publish a Profile book which is one step solution to find out all the EV researchers throughout the world

Norms & conditions

  • The contest is open to young engineers, researchers and industry people working towards EV.
  • The applicant must provide the details of work carried out in the region of Electric vehicle
  • During the event, maximum of 3 minutes will be given for researchers around the world
  • The Organizing Committee may, at its sole discretion, on rules on orienting EV researchers

More Information

  • This Event has expired!
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