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About the Conference
International Conference on Innovative Strategies in Intelligent Computing and Communication (ICOICC 2022) is organised with a primary objective of bringing together scientists, researchers, academicians and industrial experts in the field of Electrical, Electronic Communication and Computing to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference is to promote the exchange of innovative research information on computing and communication systems. The conference will mainly focus on recent advances in the fields of Wireless Data, Security, Computing, and Automation. Peer-reviewed accepted papers will be published in IRO Journals.

Call for Papers

Track – 1 | Intelligent Computing and Communications
Computing Concepts, Designs and Algorithms
Crowdsourcing and Metadata Management
Privacy Preserving and Encryption
Applied Signal Processing Systems
Speech and Signal Processing for Cyber Security
Data Communication Systems
Sustainable Communication Networks and Data Centers
Communication Frameworks for sustainable computing
Ubiquitous Communication and Information Systems
Real Time Data Analytics
Data Search Infrastructure

Track – 2 | Wireless Communication, Antenna and Microwave Technology
Mobile and Base Station
Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays
MEMS/Nanotechnology for antennas
MMICs and Microwave Circuits
UWB and Impulse Radio
Wireless MAC protocols for 5G
Wireless Network Functions Virtualization
Software-defined mobile / wireless networks
MAC for mesh, ad hoc, relay and sensor networks
Microstrip and Printed Antennas

Track – 3 | IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing
Architecture support for cloud computing
Workflow Management in Clouds
Distributed and Cloud Networking
5G and next generation networks
IoT and IoE Architectures
Web of Things Cloud/Edge Computing
Wearable Applications, Smart City and Industry 4.0
Big data management and Blockchain
Data Mining and Data Privacy
Cloud Workload Profiling

Track – 4 | Inventive Computation and Intelligent Systems
Software Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Edge Data Authentication
Web Intelligence and Intrusion Detection
High Performance Computing and Cyber Security Issues
Hybridisation of Intelligent Networks
Web and Grid Computing
Soft and Cognitive Computing
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Security Frameworks and Protocols
Advanced Intelligent Systems in Access Control

Track – 5 | Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks
Distributed Intelligent Processing
Concurrent and Parallel Processing
Intelligent Database Systems
Neural Network Theory and Architectures
Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision, Robotics and Related Fields
Expert & Multi-agent Systems
Speech Understanding

Track – 6 | Computer Vision and Image Processing
Robot Vision and Pattern Recognition
Classification and Gesture Estimation
Satellite, Remote and Geo Applications
Image Analysis, Detection and Recognition
Video Analysis and Understanding
3D Computer Vision and Geometry
Biomedical Assistive Application
Biometrics and Forensics

Track – 7 | Electrical Engineering and Power Management
Wireless Power Transfer and Electric Vehicles
Environmental Protection and Alternative Energy
High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
Renewable Power Conversion Technologies
Power Electronics application in Power Systems
Distributed Generation and Energy Storage
Motor Drives, Electrical Machines and Industry Applications
Control and Mechatronics

Track – 8 | Electronic Devices and Circuits Design
Wide Band Gap Semi-conductor Devices
Photo and Opto Electronics
Nanoscience and nano materials
Testing, Reliability and Fault Tolerance
Solid State Circuits
Circuits and Systems

Track – 9 | Digital Technology and Computer Applications
Concurrent and Parallel Processing
Software and Knowledge Engineering
Digital Operating Room
Digital Driving Technology
Software Engineering and Application
Intelligent Learning and Teaching Systems
Social Media and Enhanced Learning
Human Computer Interaction

Track – 10 | Information and Software Security
Middleware Design Techniques
Cyber and Remote Workforce Security
Security, Privacy and Trust
Software Testing, Visualization, Validation and Verification
Semantic Information Retrieval
Information Technologies in Logistics and General Management
Source Coding and Channel Coding
Software Systems Development
Systems and Simulations
Cost Modeling and Analysis

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