DST (SERB) Sponsored Two day National level Physical Mode Seminar on “Recent research Trends in Intelligent Control Techniques for Microgrid and Electric Vehicles Technology” (06.01.2022 to 07.01.2022) 53 views

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Recently there has been growing interest in renewable energy and it has become one of the primary sources of energy generation. The biggest concern in the field of renewable energy is power generation depending on natural resources that are uncontrollable by humans. Due to uncontrollable and uncertainty in energy, production in renewable energy technologies is making integration more complex. Also, there are several technical challenges with Renewable Energy Resources (RES), such as availability of power, power quality issues, resource location, information barrier and cost issues. All these challenges with RES can be addressed by microgrid system due to its ability during utility grid disturbances, to separate and isolate itself from utility seamlessly with little or no disruption to the load within the microgrid. Due to the recent developments in power electronics, the proliferation of DC nature electrical loads, renewable energy sources and energy storage devices, research focused on both the system and component levels of modelling, control and stability of structured microgrids. New high-efficiency topologies and protections are also key nontrivial issues when developing practical microgrids. Electric Vehicles (EV) are emerging as the option for clean mobility across the world. The EV ecosystem brings together three industry verticals who traditionally have not worked together. EVs need Automobile industry to modify the vehicles to use Batteries and new connected vehicle technologies. Power industry needs to gear up to fueling these EVs with electricity and they need to build Charging infrastructure across the highways, malls and workplaces. All these equipment are IOT enabled and connected so both telecom connectivity (4G/5G) along with Digital tech like Cloud, Data and analytics become essential for accelerating EV adoption.

For this reason, the objective of this course is to disseminate the recent technological advancement in microgrids and distribution systems from both academia and industry. The solutions using advanced technologies/ methodologies will also be discussed.


Topics to be covered:

  • Microgrid configurations, control, synchronization and their applications.
  • Reconfiguration of distribution system network in presence of large penetration of renewable generation into the system.
  • Intelligent energy management systems.
  • Power electronic converters in microgrid applications.
  • Power sharing control in DC and AC microgrids.
  • Control techniques and design of autonomous microgrid.
  • Design of converter for DC microgrid.
  • Simulation and analysis of hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Electric vehicles charging.
  • Role of Electric Vehicles for Rural and Urban Development.

Further Contact:

Dr.S.Albert Alexander Ph.D., PDF (USA)., SMIEEE.,
Department of EEE
Kongu Engineering College
Perundurai Erode-638 060 TamilNadu
Contact Mobile –9688427208, 9865931597
E-mail: ootyalex@gmail.com,

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