CSIR Sponsored Two Day National Level Physical Mode Seminar on “Recent Research Trends in Renewable Energy Technologies” (06.01.2022 to 07.01.2022) 53 views

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In recent years, science and technology has made remarkable progress in the field of renewable energy applications and continue   to   search   for   new   techniques   to meet   the progressively increasing demands of energy and to maintain a pollution free environment.  This  program  aims  to  update the  professionals working  in  the  field  of  renewable energy on  technical, economic and  social  aspects.  The  proposed seminar  is  an  effort  in  the  direction  to  provide  a  forum  for the    academicians,    scientists,    engineers,    technologists, Stakeholders, students and persons from industry for mutual sharing of  knowledge,  expertise  and  experience.  A large number of participants are expected to attend the seminar from all over the country.

The major thrust of the seminar will be on current research trends in all renewable technologies including the following but not limited to:

History of energy sources

Global trends in renewable energy sources

Recent research trends in

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Concentrating PhotoVoltaics (CPV)

Solar Thermal Energy for Polygeneration

Wind Energy Technologies

Fuel cell and Hydrogen Energy

Advanced Biomass Technologies

Smart Grids for Renewable Energy Systems

Role of power electronics in renewable energy conversion.

Role of renewable energy sources in environmental protection and energy policy and planning for future

Integration, Control, Communication and Metering of Renewable Energy Systems

Policy planning for energy sustainability and security


For any queries contact:

Dr.S.Albert Alexander Ph.D.,PDF(USA).,

UGC-Raman Research Fellow
Associate Professor
Department of EEE
Kongu Engineering College
Perundurai Erode-638 060 Tamil Nadu
Contact Mobile – 9865931597, 9688427208
Website: www.ootyalex.webs.com

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